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Dear Valued customers,



We would like to share the latest update on the current reefer container Inbound situation in Shanghai, Ningbo and Tianjin.


With extended Chinese New Year holidays due to concerns on Corona Virus spreading in China, all related in-land working and pick up activities have been very slow and, consequently, most of yard reefer plugs in container terminals have been occupied.

为防止新型冠状病进一步扩散, 春节假期有所延长,所有相关的陆上工作和提货速度都非常缓慢,因此,集装箱堆场的冷冻箱插头大部分都已被占用。

Now Shanghai Terminals, Yangsan and Wai Qao Chao, allow all ocean carriers to discharge none or very limited amount of reefer containers no matter where they were shipped from. In addition, one of main port of North China, Xingang (Tianjin) and Ningbo also keep informing that there is no yard RF plug available in their terminal.


All containers onboard to Shanghai, Tianjin and Ningbo are expected to face operational challenges until the situation is stabilized. HMM will make every effort to make sure our customers’ cargo remains safe and sound. For that, please understand that we have to make inevitable decision as below.



1. Reefer containers to Shanghai and Tianjin may have diversion to another route.


Although terminal operators ban container discharge, HMM will try to deliver it in fastest ways. Until further notice of normalization, all voyages may be subject to transshipment or additional actions.



2. T/S port can be changed without pre-notice based on carrier’s consideration.


HMM and all of our partner lines will have to arrange transshipment of containers based on given circumstances. HMM currently prioritizes this case in an attempt to minimize any operational problems, and thereby unexpected T/S plan may be executed without your confirmation. All related costs incurred to keep the cargo safe will be on shippers account.


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